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Tracy Harrison once said, "Our resilient vitality naturally repels disease." That's the energy that's inspired Jenna Chambless Functional Holistic Women's Health over the last 10 years. Owner Jenna Chambless firmly lives by those words and she wants you to do the same. Her online pregnancy course is designed to help women reclaim their happiness and learn holistic ways to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

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Meet Jenna

Jenna Chambless has over a decade of experience providing women with prenatal and postpartum care in Kalamazoo, MI. Her fascination with the human body ignited her desire to help women along their journey-specifically, women who struggle with anxiety, stress and mood swings during pregnancy.

Ever an advocate for alternative treatment options, she developed her pregnancy course to show women how they can manage these emotions without the use of prescription medication.

Jenna's mission is to listen, inspire and empower women throughout their wellness journey by creating a safe, healing space to restore hope and balance. She believes that our bodies are beautifully and intellectually designed, and when given the tools to heal, they will.

What Will You Learn In Jenna's Pregnancy Course?

Jenna’s online pregnancy course was developed to help women like you access alternative care options. This course will show you how to navigate wellness during pregnancy while:

Helping you feel like yourself again

Teaching you how to love your skin

Connecting you to a network of women with similar goals

Showing you how to holistically manage stress and anxiety

Contact Jenna Chambless today to learn more about her course. She works with women in Kalamazoo, MI and beyond.

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